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  • Temple of Boom: An Eclectic Mix of Some of Electronic Music’s Finest

    All conveniently located in the grungy warehouse known as Club Paradox, or “the Dox.”  B.A.D.A.S.S. curated a killer lineup for this one, a follow-up to the first ToB almost one year to the date earlier.   Styles ranged from the Dirty Bird brand of deep house (CWrok) and the Main Course techlectro takeover (Astronomar and Neoteric) to the Queen Bitch of Hard Style herself, Lady Faith, and the goddess of dubstep, drum ‘n everything bass—Reid (mutha fuckin’) Speed.  Oh, but there’s more.  Mantis (DJ set) and Rekoil (who did a sweet b2b with his boy, Algo!) brought the hardest sets I’ve heard in a while—leaving everyone lost in the dark trenches of their musical swamp.

    Let’s talk for a second about those stages.  It all went down at the Mayan Temple, which showcased the hardest sounds in our scene.  If you were already into riddim or you jumped on the swamp/trench boat, then this was the place to be. Hard, filthy, mind-melting sub-bass emanating from the dark, bone-laden altar captivated the audience, leaving them in a state of permanent bass face.  Mantis opened with a pure metal track, launching the crowd into a mosh pit not one minute after his set had started.  Reid Speed displayed incredible skill behind the decks, as always, playing everything from dnb, any and all forms of dubstep and of course, some garage.  Breath-taking, easily my favorite set in a while (sorry guys, the rest of you were incredible!)  I met her after her set, and she was so sweet—everyone go check out here Play Me EP!  (like now.)  Had it not been for Reid’s incredible skill set, and her nearly two decades of experience and musical knowledge, I would say that Rekoil stole the show.

     We’re talking about Baltimore’s own son, who’s been killing it here for years, meanwhile becoming a household name and making multiple festival stops this year.  This guy, besides being incredibly friendly and so humble, is a very skilled performer in his own right—reading the crowd and playing louder than anyone I’ve heard since 12th Planet, the Swamp Lord himself.  That phone screen-shaking bass, that absolute grime.  Just when you thought he was building you up, he’d send you crashing down with one more epic tune.  So many throwbacks here, and a big nod to BAR9—anyone who’d peeped their incredible Bass Monsters Mix last fall would have recognized these sounds.  Oh, and that 45 minute encore? Absolute madness, mayhem and loads of unreleased tunes—get on this guy right now, he’s primed to have an incredible year.  He’s providing support for Mantis alongside Troll Phace on their upcoming Electronic Death March Tour.   

    We had an incredible time with all you freaks, and we cannot wait for Legacy DC!

    Introducing the hottest collab Down Under.. Carmada!

    This is HUGE! Aussie DJ’s L D R U and Yahtzel —known for their constant collaborations on some of the hippest, most forward thinking new wave house down undah—have teamed up for a new project known as Carmada. We cannot wait to hear what they have in store for us, world. 


    Do they really got your back?

    We here at DC Hooks most definitely back this track from Mark Instinct feat. Armanni Reign.

    The chills I got from hearing this track again just left me wide awake.

    I’ve been into Vaski for some time— there’s something about unique, multidimensional production that gets me every time, haha.

    I’ll admit, this one had slipped through the cracks in my mind, and I last remember hearing it at last summer’s *casualty-free* Mad Decent Block Party (DC stop.)

    It was a day filled with sun and marred by clouds.  We were exhausted and I was having a rough time for most of the day dealing with serious stomach pain.  My friend and I were about as active as quick sand as Flosstradamus finally took over the decks.   Then I woke up.  Piercing vocals "going INSANEEEE" in front of an incredibly deep, layered bass line sent a shock through my body. 

    We instantly got back up and ran towards the bass, and danced the night out.

      Thank you, Vaski, and big ups to Floss for the support. You guys created a memory that I still vividly recall whenever I think of that summer.

    We will return with your scheduled programming shortly…

    Hello bass heads, freaks and kandi kids, we just wanted to take some time to explain the lack of material on our page recently.

    We have been very busy— expect a few major things coming soon.  Ray and I attended Moonrise Festival in our home town of Baltimore a couple weeks ago, and we cannot say enough wonderful things about that heavenly place.  Bassnectarthrew down the hardest set I have ever seen, and completely melted our minds, as he fought and obliterated the sound bleed from Carnage’s ill-timed set on the main stage.

    Ray is almost finished with a comprehensive review of Porter’s new album Worlds, and I will be heading to Electric Zoo next week.  In September we will be covering our first official event with press passes (!!!)

    Love you all, and thank you for all the support!

    Special shout out to Trucco & Suarey from Glow Team, for continually encouraging us!  We may (definitely) have a recap of their first major show with Kill Paris and Antiserum up very soon. 

    Until next time, keep it classy you freaky people.

    -Christian (and Ray)

    We’re going wild for the night to this incredibly hard set from Skrill dog out in Chicago.

    I am still speechless from that Jack U track he dropped 😐😐😐😭😵🙏

    Block Party Report

    We out here at Mad Decent Block and Cashmere Cat is absolutely killing it! Technically skilled and faceless like a robot.

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