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Bass music is much more than just sound.
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  • This is massive.

    Diplo previewed a track from his upcoming album with Skrillex (as Jack U) during a set at ZigZag in Paris.

    Amidst pubescent screams of “we love you, Diplo!" digital shots are fired with this heavy hybrid trap mix, featuring vocals from Canadian artist, Kiesza.

    Much, much more to come from these two dubstep dons, genre gurus, as the entire EDM community eagerly awaits their label smashing release.

    Minnesota and G Jones team up for one crunchy, hood-rich mix.

    The drum kicks hard in this track, with a pulsating bass line backing it all up.

    This has the experimental, deeply creative feel you expect from Minnesota with some grungy trap’t tendencies, courtesy of the collaborator, G Jones.

    Keep an ear out for him, he’s on the rise.

    Throwback Tuesdays featuring…

    Durty Phresh with this underground anthem turned club smashing banger, Speakers Up!

    You may have heard this last year, albeit a bit distorted, in Bar9’s Bass Monsters Promo mix.  Back in 2010-11, Durty Phresh, Bar9 and other UK producers, the likes of Nero, put out releases on the forgotten label Audio Phreaks.

    DJ turn the speakers up to [sweat the phuckin’] people up!

    Trucco and Suarey—the boys from Miami who make up GT—have told me again and again that Zeds Dead is one of, if not, their biggest influence(s.) This is blindingly obvious with their new remix of Felix Cartal’s Ready for Love.

    Those little “zaps," that melodic drum pattern and these resonant bass lines.  This screams DC and Hooks, like calling their names from atop a mountain peak, across a quiet valley.  Yet Glow Team brings so much originality and uniqueness to the sounds they produce. 

    You wouldn’t expect this level of production quality (so damn clean, just flip to 0:38) from two not-yet-twenty-something music students.  Bringing in some 808s at the opening, and following that up with some uplifting chords, they delve into a hollow drum pattern that’s as hypnotic as Chloe Angelides voice. All while respecting the integrity of the original, as they fire off a stream of lasers.

    It echoes the same soul wrenching melodies as “Only You,” which Trucco had “in mind the entire time producing [this remix.]”  Get up on these guys.  Blink and the next time you hear their names it will be at your favorite club, if not on the line ups for next summer’s major festivals.

    The boys are back at it, as Delta Heavy gifts us this smooth drum n bass remix of Pushing On.  Crisp production with a phuture phunky bass line that you’d only expect from them.

    Drum n beauty at its finest.

    I couldn’t agree
    more. Be safe. Enjoy the music. Come for the music, or stay home. This sketchy, dangerous cocktail of research chemicals and narcotics is on the verge of destroying our scene. Enough is enough. Take the pledge and
    stop today. Can’t you dance without mystery narcotics?

    This release from Kaos should put all of you on notice.

    Keep an ear out for this guy.  8 Bit Love is a deep, future bass track with some playful sampling and pitch distortion thrown in.

      This song builds on their developing persona as they break the fourth wall to congratulate their audience for making it through the final challenge.  The real challenge here, it seems, is not hitting replay all day long.

    Things have shifted a bit.

    Hello my fellow bass freaks-

    I know I have been very silent recently.  I’ve just returned from the Mudson Project and will be updating regularly from now on.

    Additionally, I will be posting a recap of the festival soon.  This will cover the music, which was incredible.  Not so much the staff and camp grounds, which as everyone has said were blatantly unprepared and inconsiderate.

    Look for us on an indie domain soon, as we blow this tumblr stand for bigger and better optimized things.

    Keep it 100.


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